Company Profile


Facade engineering is the art of practically realising an aesthetic vision through consideration of constructability, performance and sustainability.


Established in 2014, Archi Heaven is the first specialized company in the field of aluminum facade engineering in Egypt.

We proud to have in our company professionals having an extensive experience since 1990. We always strive for excellence, setting our main goal of taking the lead position wherever the market being penetrated.

Our work could be spotted throughout EGYPT, NORTH AFRICA, KAZAKHSTAN, GULF areas, Canada and America.

Our team brings together innovative ideas and problem-solving attitudes. We focus on being specialised in specific areas of engineering rather than being ‘generalists’ in many disciplines and as a result we provide high quality engineering services, technical skills and competence in our chosen fields of expertise. Clients repeatedly call on us because we deliver solutions that are practical, cost effective and with a focus on innovation and constructability. We also strive to build personal relationships within our industry founded on trust and integrity.


  • We have become widely recognized for our ability to apply innovative designs and alternative use of materials across an array of projects.
  • We are known in our industry for our ‘can do’ attitude and our ability to successfully deliver complex projects in a challenging industry.
  • We deliver engineering solutions that are practical, and which incorporate our experience and focus on constructability.
  • Archi Heaven brings together “decades of EXPERIENCE into weeks of DESIGN AND ENGINEERING”.
  • We are able to work under various climate and weather conditions ranging from extremely hot to extremely cold windy conditions. Ex: +50°C & 3.6 KPA wind load (Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Egypt) -50 °C & 4 KPA wind load + 1 KAP snow (Kazakhstan, North Russia)
  • We are flexible enough to use any required international code in the structure calculations according to the project location and specifications.

Archi Heaven have expertise in delivering a wide range of Building Envelops design, engineering, detailing and drafting along with specialist fabrication documents services to the construction industry at an affordable price for faster façade construction and efficient decision making. We are specializing in servicing steel, glass and aluminum fabricators in the production of design and fabrication drawings for their projects.

Archi Heaven has been in operation for the past 6 years in GCC, West Asia and the Middle East. We have a wide range of experience from hotels and commercial to residential projects.

We use cutting-edge technologies and software to prepare architectural, structural and BIM design drawings. Our team of professionals offers high-quality and accurate Façade engineering services, which meet the exact demands of our valued clients.

Archi Heaven has experience of 50+ projects, out of which 90 % of the projects are completed, covering the area of 0.5 Million Sq. m. approx.


every project and every client are different.

In every project the team demonstrates a complete understanding of the project requirements by utilizing the latest available products and meeting all required technical specifications. We ensure that all materials specified meet the economic, technical and visual parameters and translate the Architect’s vision into optimized designs that the client can both appreciate and afford.

Also, we offer a technical supports and solutions for sophisticated concepts either inhouse or at site. Archi Heaven offers a creative basis for comprehensive solutions for façades, skylights, windows, doors, balconies, as well as all kinds of architectural metal works as aluminum & stainless cladding and all kinds of stones.

From managing a new-build, to rectifying an existing one, or restoring a piece of architectural history, you can confidently depend on our facade expertise.