Our Clients

ARCHI HEAVEN serves the following categories of clients:

Architectural Consultants

  • Provide a full range of designs, engineering and consulting services, starting from the project tender drawings till reach details and specifications of all kinds of aluminum Glazing Façade.
  • Propose the safest structured tailored solutions for the complicated non-standard elements.

Main Contractors

  • Monitor the progress and coordinate with the aluminum subcontractors in preparing the shop drawings from an early stage.
  • Reviewing in detail all the drawings before submitting them to the consultant.
  • Value engineering for higher profit.

Aluminum Subcontractors

  • Provide concept drawings, shop drawings, structural calculations, thermal, acoustics analysis, BIM modeling, die drawings, materials take off, installation, and production drawings minimizing time and cost
  • Provide consultancy for efficient factory and site operational setup
  • Prepare any documentation or drawings required for material samples, mockups and initial testing