ARCHI HEAVEN provides a full design, engineering and consulting service with regards to aluminum buildings and glazed architecture. We offer a wide range of services like:

a. Assist the Architects and Consultants proposing the proper offer for any  façade envelope system for the following:

  • Curtain wall system (stick built, unitized and semi unitized) (conventional, structural glazing)
  • Skylights
  • Windows and doors
  • Metal and glass canopies
  • Wall, soffit and roof cladding
  • Structural glass wall using metal cables, rods and spiders
  • Sunshades and decorative cladding
  • Architectural louvers
  • Internal partitions and frameless storefront
  • Metal gratings and metal handrails
  • Metal perforated screens
  • Specification review services
  • Rolling shutters
  • Bullet proof façades
  • Aluminum dome
  • Fire rated façades
  • Balustrades

We offer Customized Façade Designs. New developed wall and cladding system will be tailored to meet the requirements of your project.


Assist aluminum contractors in studying the tender drawings and specs as well as preparing the preliminary design drawings followed by a detailed one showing all the critical technical points (water drainage, ventilation, pressure equalization, heat expansion, movement joints, etc..).


Prepare the shop drawings supported by details for each aluminum element (curtain wall, skylight, cladding) and their interfaces including architectural surroundings.


Assist aluminum contractors in obtaining their clients/consultants approval by attending technical meetings with the consultant’s technical engineer.


Prepare all structural calculations, analysis and verifications for any component in the job (not only aluminum) ex: glass, steel, spiders, etc.…


Prepare all thermal and acoustics analysis.

g. Prepare die drawings for the aluminum profiles, gaskets


Prepare the materials allocations, material optimization and releases with the maximum use of existing in hand stock.

Issue the production documents including: the fabrication detailed drawings, 3D drawings, sketches, table fittings and accessories.

j. Release the installation drawings that guide the installation crews to complete the job in a minimum duration including: first fix, general arrangement (layout), main frames layout and covering items drawings.


Third party inspection, reviewing all shop drawings, structural analysis and samples mockups.

l. Prepare any documentation or drawings required for mockups and initial testing in coordination with recommended laboratories

m. Troubleshooting façade defects, we can investigate and give economical solution for all types of façades failures (water leaks, corrosion, glass coating defects, etc.….)

n. Work under professional indemnity insurance covers all over the world.