Our team’s vast experience along with our commitment to excellence provide us with a unique edge regarding Understanding clients’ needs, you can find a reliable and cost-effective solutions regardless of your project scope. We offer the technical support and solutions for sophisticated concepts.

Assist the Architects and Consultants to select appropriate and economical Façade envelope system and drafting, detailing the following:

  • Tender Façades drawings;
  • Development of new systems;
  • Independent advice on suppliers and contractors;
  • Geometric analysis and modelling;
  • IFC Façades drawings;
  • BIM modeling.

Assist the main contractors in:

  • Studying the tender drawings and specs;
  • Supporting and coordinating with the aluminum contractors;
  • Optimization and Value engineering for higher profit without compromising on design objectives.

Assist aluminum contractors in obtaining their clients/consultants approval and to prepare the following documents:

Façade design:

  • Comprehensive Custom Façade Design by efficient use of energy and building physics;
  • Early stage Concept Design, System Drawings and Full Development to achieve the investment target and the design intent within budget and timeline;
  • Form finding and modulation;
  • Engineering and geometric rationalization;
  • Design integration;
  • Systems innovation research and development;
  • Algorithmic design via advanced computation parametric 3D modeling;
  • BIM Design and modelling for manufacturability and construction;
  • Optimization and value engineering solutions without compromising on design objectives;
  • Glass Design as per specs and architect intent;
  • Third party inspection, reviewing all shop drawings, structural analysis and samples mockups;
  • Prepare any documentation or drawings required for mockups and initial testing in coordination with recommended laboratories.

Façade engineering:

  • Shop drawings detailing and coordinating with other trades;
  • Material selection as per specification;
  • Building physics, acoustic, thermal design & u-value simulation;
  • Structural analysis and engineering considering dead, live, wind, thermal, seismic, building movement and BMU loads;
  • Aluminum, gaskets extrusion profiles and dies development;
  • Quantity surveys, project estimation and material take off.

Façade fabrication, installation & close-out:

  • 3D Modelling using different software’s;
  • Fabrication drawings and cut list Step Files for CNC automated machining;
  • Release the installation/erection drawings that guide the installation crews;
  • Attend technical meetings with the consultant and Main-Contractor;
  • Close-Out As built drawings compilation, operation & maintenance Manuals;
  • Work under professional indemnity insurance covers all over the world.